Friday, February 8, 2008

Trivia night at Cherry’s Bar and Grill. My favorite night of the week. Sad, isn’t it? But let me explain. It’s not the NTN trivia game. Our host, Gordy, is a real person on a microphone calling (more like mumbling) out questions that we have to answer. Teams have to be seated at the same table although there’s no limit to the number of people at the table. You also get a speaker at your table that helps magnify the volume of the mumbly questions. When it’s not trivia night, the premise is that you pick the tv your sporting event is on and you turn your speaker box to the channel marked on the screen your watching….getting just the sound from that particular show.

Anyway, the game is live. Winners get food coupons (40 for 1st; 20 for 2nd, and 10 for 3rd place). The questions are not easy. Well I guess the questions are easy – it’s the answers that get hard. For instance, does anyone know that the Orient Express ends in Istanbul and never actually goes to the Orient?? Or that the vanilla bean comes from an orchid?? No…I didn’t think so. We actually got those correct. What did we get wrong? The year of the first computer virus (1986, NOT, 1975) and the name of the couple involved in Whitewater scandal with the Clinton’s (the McDougals, duh!!)

Bob and Marybeth joined us this week. It was their first time. Here’s Bobbo in his Cletus costume. Bob claimed that he wouldn’t know a single question. And damned if the first question was about hockey…and of course he’s the ultimate hockey fan!

We’ve got one 2nd place win and two 3rd place wins under our belt. We hope to beat Team Zoron – three teachers from Manatee High School. They know we’re gunning for them so now they strategically bet on the last question so they’ll remain in 1st place!! Grr.

One of my favorite things to eat at Cherry’s is the Big Dipper. Roast beef with sautéed onions and swiss cheese on a hoagie roll. Comes with warm au jus and I substitute onion rings (breaded, not battered).

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