Thursday, April 9, 2009

Beef Stew Ala Campfire

Last weekend my brother braised a chuck roast and produced a wonderful tender roast and some very flavorful pot liquor to go along with it. Beef broth with seasonings, soy sauce,'s all good. Then Monday night (while we were camping in Suwannee) he broke out the dutch oven and placed it over a fire that had been going all day.

He sauteed --

Fingerling potatoes

in some oil.

Then added the beef and beef broth to the pot. That simmered for a bit until the veg was tender and then added a slurry of cornstarch and beer.

The final result was served with chunks of crusty bread that had been toasting slowly on the grill. Both the stew and the bread had a nice smokey flavor to it. It would have been nice to get a final picture of it had I not dove head first into my bowl forgetting all about my camera!


Donna-FFW said...

Your brother can cook for me anytime..Looks fantastic,and the camping sounds like a blast!

Flasown said...

He can cook for me anytime too! Oh wait, he does. Yes, I'm lucky and can vouch for the goodness of the stew. Beef stew over the campfire on a chilly night-where's the chuck wagon!? It sure hit the spot! Your jalapeno popper dip was good too.