Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bone Suckin' Good

St. Louis Style Ribs

The first time I cooked these ribs I’d forgotten to remove that nasty membrane from the back of the rack. So after thawing the ribs overnight, I trimmed off that flap of meat on the backside, successfully loosened the membrane about three ribs from the end, worked it loose to the end, grabbed the ‘handle’ I created with a paper towel and pulled it right off. No big deal! And what a difference in the end result!

I rubbed the ribs with my dry rub – brown sugar, paprika, garlic and onion powders, chili powder, dry mustard. I placed them on a baking sheet and wrapped it tight. Into a 250 degree oven they went for 4 hours. After, I threw them on the grill and basted them with Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce. They were falling off the bone tender. If I had to do all over (and I will!) – I’d lessen the time in the oven and more time on the grill. Although extremely tender I would like to pick up the rib and be able to eat the meat off the bone.

I served some Publix Southern-Style Potato Salad along side the ribs with a bit of extra sauce.

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