Monday, January 19, 2009

Photographically Challenged!

You must think I'm not cooking? Well I am but I'm dieting too. So usually by the time dinner is done -- I'm so dadgum hungry I don't even think about taking a picture. Maybe I'll have more control tonight. Afterall, I'm entering week 3 I should be getting used to this, right?

So in the last couple of weeks I've cooked a lot of chicken -- one was called Chicken Picante and I got it from the Biggest Loser Cookbook. You basically take some light cream cheese and smear it on a chicken breast and top with salsa. Bake it covered for 15 minutes, uncover it and put a bit of low-fat cheddar cheese on it and cook it until bubbly and melty. That was really good and it looked kind of pretty too.

I also made a meatloaf and that was very good. I based the recipe on Barefoot Contessa's Turkey Meatloaf. That was really good. For days and days it was really good. Now - not so good. It'll be a while before I'm hungry for meatloaf again. :)

We've eaten a good deal of salad -- chicken caesar salads, southwest chicken salad, plain lettuce salads. We also discovered that there is absolutely nothing you can eat at Sonic and stay within your calorie allowance, BUT, you there are 6 good options at Subway!

Tonight I'm making chicken wings. Teriyaki wings done in the oven. Hopefully I can contain myself long enough to take a picture!


Aggie said...

I've made BC Turkey Meatloaf many times and love it! It's got such great flavor! But I hear ya....too many days in a row of leftovers...not so good, lol.

I'm really enjoying your blog!

Cathy said...

Thanks Aggie. I enjoy yours as well. There aren't too many Florida food bloggers (that I've found anyway).